Spring Cleaning for Your Lawn

Seasonal Columbus NE, OH Lawn Care Tips

Whether it’s cleaning out closets, washing windows, planning for a home renovation project or giving your home a long overdue coat of paint, spring often signals a fresh start for Columbus NE, OH homeowners. This year, don’t forget to review the needs of your lawn and landscape as you jot down your seasonal “To Do” lists.

We’ve put together a “Spring Lawn Care Checklist” to help you stay on track and organize your lawn’s needs. With a little effort, your lawn will be ready for summer fun in no time!

  1. Inspect Your lawn. If you haven’t already done so, confirm your Weed Man Columbus NE, OH lawn care program. Then, get your rake out. Gathering up last year’s leaves and thatch – that dead grass under all of the green grass in your yard – is important to keeping your lawn healthy. Pick up fallen branches, sticks and rake off matted leaves.
  2. Edge Your Beds. Check the edges of your beds – that all important separation between your grass and your landscape beds. A fresh edge adds distinction and character to your landscape. It also keeps the grass clippings out of your beds.
  3. Set Your Mower High. Increase the height of your lawn mower. Longer grass will grow thicker, healthier and result in a more established root system. Note: before you fire up the mower, make sure to sharpen the blades, replace spark plugs and check the oil and air filters.
  4. Check Hoses and Sprinkler Heads. To conserve the most water possible, make sure you don’t have any leaky hoses or rotors, and that they’re spraying only where you want them to. No sense giving the driveway a bath.
  5. Create a Compost Pile. Pick a spot away from your house and pile your grass clippings, dead leaves and even kitchen scraps. Give it a turn or two every weekend and you’ll soon have a nutrient-rich mixture to spread on your garden.
  6. Get Organized. You’ll save yourself tons of time if your garage or garden shed is in proper order. Take everything out, sweep the floor and put things back in a logical and orderly way. Return tools back to their proper places. Anything you don’t need, give to charity or sell.
  7. Mulch Your Yard. Mulching around the bases of trees, shrubs and in flower beds helps keep your plants warm and retains water. Don’t lay it on too thick, though. A depth of 2 to 4 inches is all you need to get the job done.
  8. Prune Roses, Shrubs and Bushes. Break out those pruning shears and trim up the plants that don’t bloom in the spring. Remove the deadwood, and keep the foliage in the plant’s natural shape. This will help the plants thrive throughout the season.
  9. Turn Over Your Garden and Plant Seeds. Now is the time to amend your garden soil with fertilizer, peat moss and other nutrient-rich material to feed your vegetables all season long. Use a shovel and hoe or a powered tiller to break up the dirt and turn in your amendments.
  10. Clean and Flush Your Gutters. Do this before the spring rains. Remove any debris from the gutters and downspouts, and then flush with a jet spray nozzle on your garden hose. Not only does this protect your foundation from water damage, but it also keeps the heavy downpours from inundating any plants under your eaves.
  11. Clean Your Patio Furniture. Pull out the chairs and tables from your basement or garage, wipe off the cobwebs and dirt from last fall’s clambake and set up your backyard furniture.

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